TaRFaH Travel Planners

TaRFaH Travel Planners


Consultants and organisers for luxury holidays, honeymoons, business trips to suit all needs.


  • Travel recommendations, advice and options for all your requests
  • Detailed itinerary including tours and transfers


TaRFah Travel Planners are an international travel management company with immense resources and innovative skill to fulfil all your travel requirements.

We understand it is difficult to choose the right travel planners to suite your needs. At TaRFah, we are dedicated to attend and take care of every customer.


We are proficient in all complicated travel scenarios and provide travel safety and visa advice.


Apart from business corporate travel we also cater for personal luxury and budget travel to match every customer’s necessity.


Comprehensive itineraries are generated accordingly to each specific customer; we discover the best prices ensuring a better return on investment for your trips.


We can arrange customised luxury experiences, tours and special services.


Please email us with you query for a proposal of services.



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