Al Waha Drinks



Al Waha Drinks


Quality refreshments prepared to quench thirsts


  • Fruit juices
  • Soft drinks
  • Bottled and mineral water
  • Hot drinks


All our drink products comply with UK government and HMRC regulations.


We always seek advice from the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) and ensure all our products are certified.


We can supply any product in the Al Waha brand, supplier packaging or in your own packaging.


Branded products will not be available in own packaging i.e. Coca Cola, Orangina etc...


Most packaging types are offered; Beverage cans, Ready to Drink (RTD), Bottled, Cartons and Barrels.


Minimum quantity differs subject to different products.


Prices are seasonal depending on source of the product and yearly contracts are available for best deals and prices.


Please contact us and we can assist you to your requirements.


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